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4130 Chrome Moly Tube Specifications

4130, also known as Chrome Moly (short for chromium molybdenum) is a general-purpose steel that has been widely used by the motorsports industry for y...

Docol Tube R8 Specifications

Docol Tube R8 are certified tubes that are engineered to provide a stronger, safer, more consistent alternative to 4130 CD seamless tube. This will al...

Comparison Report: Docol R8 vs 4130 Chrome Moly

In 2010, our partner ME Racing Service AB, sanctioned SSAB AB to perform practical testing in the form of tensile testing, testing of T-joints and Thr...

Streamline Tube Profiles

A.E.D. has been producing Streamline and Oval Tubing in-house for a little over 5 years and can produce it in a variety of materials.

4130 Chrome Moly Sheet Specifications

4130 Chrome Moly Bar Specifications

6061 T6 Aluminum Round Tube Specifications

6061 T6 Aluminum Round Bar Specifications

6061 T6 Structural Aluminum Angle Specifications

6061-T6 Sheet Specifications

6061-T4 Sheets

6063-T5 Aluminum Tube Specifications

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