Customer Spotlight

- Zach Guzman


With more than 3,000 customers, we know there are some neat and exciting builds going on out there. Don't be shy! Send us photos, videos and anything else you want us to see! We will be glad to feature them on our website, Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Here are some customers that used a variety of our products for some interesting projects:

Brucebilt Performance

The guys at Brucebilt Performance used some Docol® Tube R8 High Strength Steel in these modified cars. Good luck at the track Lucas Lee (#12) and Tait Davenport (#18)! Check out Brucebilt's website:


Savage Performance

Savage Performance LLC has been a loyal customer since 2008! They sent us these pictures of some of their projects that used 4130 Chrome Moly!


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