Product | Mister Tig 200 AC/DC Digital Pro

Mister Tig 200 AC/DC Digital Pro

This professional model “Mister Tig 200 AC/DC Digital” is Mister Tigs answer to the newest “ultra-lite” in aersospace welding machines.


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When you receive the complete welding system, you will notice the detail that has been given to the professional welding operator needs. This machine was intended for the following industry and is “not” a home hobbyist class. Although intended for the aerospace needs in industry, this machine will be perfect for aircraft/homebuilts, motorsports, off-road including baja and rock climbers, marine, gun smithing. Welding 24ga materials up to ¼” is not a problem. Should you continue to weld at the high end of the machine in a semi-production basis, watercooling is easily adaptable.


AC/DC Inverter Power Supply with Square Wave Technology, Dual Voltage…. 115v 5-120 Amps 220v 5-200 Amps, Pre-Flow 0-5 Seconds, Post-Flow .5-20 Seconds, High Frequency Start (very smooth), AC Adjustable Balance 15-50% (85% Negative To Balance), AC Adjustable Frequency 20-250 HZ, Pulse Frequency 1-200 HZ., Square Wave Technology, Upslope 0-10 Seconds, Down Slope 0-15 Seconds, 2t/4t And Spot Functions, Tungsten Diameter Selection- For Precision Starts, Adjustable Starting And Ending Amperage, Stick Welding Function, Fan On Demand, Water Cooled Adaptable, CAN/CSA 60974.1 Approved

Complete System Includes:

Mister Tig 200 Amp AC/DC Digital Power Supply, Professional Slim-Profile (SSC) Foot Pedal, CK Worldwide 17-Flexhead Torch With 121/2 Superflex Cable, CK Worldwide Quick Disconnect Adaptor Sl-2-35, Mister Tig 17h Stubby Gas Lens Kit-- .040, 1/16, 3/32 Tungsten, Gas Lens, Collets, Small Medium and Large Backcaps, #5 #6 And #7 Alumina Cups, Stubby Insulator, Mister Tig Flowmeter Regulator 0-65 CFH, 6’ Argon Gas Hose With Fittings, Mister Tig Instructional Video, 220v - 115v Adapter Plug, Electrode Holder And Cable 200-Amp

3 Year Warranty

Free shipping – Lower 48 States

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