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Mister Tig 160 DC Pro

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The Mister Tig 160 DC Pro is a dual voltage inverter-based Digital Controlled DC TIG welding machine with HF arc ignition and pulse capability. Produced using the latest in IGBT technology this machine is reliable, robust and stacked with features you would expect from a professional TIG machine.

This is a professional machine that is suitable for multiple applications; stainless steel fabrication, industrial use, site welding, repair and maintenance applications. A superbly designed, compact and feature packed machine offering big performance at a very competitive price.

Upgraded Parts

  • CK Worldwide 9F lexhead torch with 12.5" Supeflex Cable
  • SafeLoc Dinse Connector
  • Mister Tig 9F Stubby Gas Lens Kit
  • Professional foot control
  • Mister Tig -5-60 CFH Argon regulator
  • Clear fiber reinforced Argon hose


  • Compact size - 14.4" x 5.3" x 10.9" x 13 lbs.
  • Dual Voltage 115V / 230V
  • HF arc ignition and pulse capability
  • Digitally Controlled

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