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  • Bead Die

    Primary tool in which the tube is bent around. We have an extension list of tooling online.

  • Beaded End

    A metal forming process that forms a bead on the end of a tube.
    Tube beads can be used to help hold a hose on the end of a tube or to strengthen the end of the tube. There are two forming processes: internal roll forming and ram forming, A.E.D's are processed using internal roll forming.

  • Beading

    Placing a raised narrow section around the diameter of the tube to allow a flexible tube to be clamped in place. Beading dimensions follow generally applied dimensional specifications.

  • Bend Angles

    The degrees or amount of bend applied to a part or bend section of tube. Standard bend angles for exhaust tubes are 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°. On aluminum water pipes 45°, 90° and 180° are most common. Many other parts can be made using custom angles. Standard tolerance is +/- .5°.

  • C.A.P.E. - The Center for Advanced Product Evaluation

    Several years ago, A.E.D., partnering with Spike Chassis and CAPE – The Center for Advanced Product Evaluation, set out to crash test a sprint car to provide real world scenarios of what happens during an extreme sprint car crash.

    A.E.D., Spike and CAPE performed 3 separate crash tests and a drop test on three different chassis. Spike Chassis built three cars with 4130 chrome moly (chromoly) tube supplied by A.E.D., and produced by Webco Industries (USA).

    These tests have allowed us to collect data and analyze many different details such as the chassis upper roll cage structure, impact values, how 4130 holds up under these extreme crash conditions, and how the human body responds and stretches under these types of loads. The data collected has also been used to perform further testing on design and different materials used in building of chassis in simulators, as well as creating stepping stones for numerous academic programs to study structures and safety engineering. CAPE TESTING HOME PAGE

  • Certificate of Conformance (or Compliance)

    This is a document used in commerce or business in which a competent authority indicates that the product or service that is supplied meets the required specifications. May also be called a Certificate of Conformity. All may be abbreviated as a “C of C,” and may be used interchangeably.

  • Clamp Die

    Tool to hold fast the tube end that is being bent. These have various clamp lengths which determine how close we can bend two bends next to each other.

  • CLR

    CENTER LINE RADIUS - This is a common term in the tubing industry, and it is used to describe the radius of a bend. The CLR is the radius down the center of the tube. Other fabrication processes use Outside or Inside Radius like Sheet Metal Fabrication. Again, tubing uses the center of the material. Most common as a description on round tubes (Always review drawings very carefully).

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