Silicone Solvent 200

Silicone Solvent 200

Silicone Solvent 200 is an ozone-safe volatile methylsiloxane (VMS) fluid developed specifically for use as a cleaning agent and carrier. It is safe for use on a wide range of materials including plastics, metals, painted surfaces, and elastomeric materials. Its mild cleaning action also makes it suitable for cleaning multi-material components and devices.

Silicone Solvent 200 can help meet environmental regulations in areas such as transportation, industrial maintenance, repair and operations, utility and food processing. Applications include cleaning plastics, fiberglass, and components, pre-cleaning surfaces prior to painting sealing and bonding, degreasing bearings, nuts, bolts, chains, and conveyor belts, removing silicone-based car wax and protectants, and removing silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives (labels).

16 OZ. Spray Bottle

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Silicone Solvent 200
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