MT 125 TIG Welder

MT 125 TIG Welder

The MT-125 is an AC/DC Tig Machine designed for the portable professional welder, as well as the home hobbyist and first time “newby” welding person.  This machine is capable of welding 20ga. thin up to 1/8” thick aluminum and steels.  This machine works well for kit planes, go-karts, trackside field welding and numerous other applications.  Just add a bottle of argon and plug into your nearest 115v receptacle.  For best results utilize a 20 amps circuit. However, 15 amps will work fine. 

Included accessories and features:

·        Ck 9f torch with superflex cable

·        Mr. Tig 9 / 20 gas lens kit

·        Foot control

·        Mt-50 regulator / Flow Meter

·        Ground cable

·        Mr. Tig instructional DVD

·        Hard wired for 115v

·        AC/DC

·        Voltage   115v      50/60 HZ

·        AC current adjusting range: 20-125 amps

·        AC balance: 10% -90%

·        AC square wave frequency:  20-250 HZ.  

·        Rated duty cycle: 35%

3 Year Warranty

Free shipping – Lower 48 States

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MT 125 Tig Welder
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