Docol 800 DP

Docol 800 DP

Docol Roll (Docol 800 DP) is a group of steels that are designed for applications where roll forming is used as a forming method. The steels are subjected to special heat treatment in the continuous annealing line, giving a material which can be roll formed into narrow radii. 

Docol Roll is characterized by:

  • High yield strength - minimize unflatness problems of flat areas. The plastic deformation will be confined to the radii.
  • High YS/TS ratio - means that stresses in highly formed regions are comparable to the stresses in slightly formed regions. Small differences in residual stresses over the cross section reduce the tendency for bending and twisting of the profile.
  • High internal cleanliness – less slag inclusions in the steel make it possible to roll form into narrow radii.

Typical applications for Docol Roll are safety components in cars (e.g. side impact beams, bumper reinforcements and seat rails).

Thickness (in) Weight / Square Foot (lbs) SKU Add to Quote
RDL 0394
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RDL 0600
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RDL 0787
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Elongation (min)10
Tensile Strength psi (min-max)101,000-127,000
Yield Strength psi (min)94,000

Note: The Typical Mechanical Properties listed have been compiled from a variety of sources. Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Data is provided for information only, NOT FOR DESIGN PURPOSES.

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