Helping the Industry - Job Postings

October 02, 2012 @ 10:54:am

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While I will withhold my thoughts and opinions on the practice of a wholesale dump of personnel at the end of a season, the important thing is that these people are able to find work as quickly as possible.

This situation, at this particular time has touched me deeply, as I have been through a number of layoffs in my career. I feel like, for some reason that I can and should help in some way.

My mission is to make contact with business leaders, team owners and managers, racing industry leaders and other employers, and unite them with those mechanics, truck drivers, fabricators and others who need to find a job as quickly as possible.  Many of these people are young and have started families recently.  So, it is imperative that they are able to return to work as quickly as possible.

For starters, I will be acting as a central database of resumes.  My plan is to try and spread the word amongst those laid off and looking for work and accumulate names and resumes.  At the same time, reach out to the leaders, team owners and managers, and owners of businesses who may need some good people to work for them. Even if it is a short term project or job.

This database will, in all probability, (at first) be made up of IndyCar personnel who have been laid off.  But if this works, I imagine others will send in resumes as well.

You, as the business owner, team owner, etc. will remain anonymous. The potential candidates will not know that you have made a request for a resume. My thought is that if you are interested or in need of a race mechanic, or truck driver etc. that you will notify me, and I can forward the appropriate resume on to you and have you contact the candidates that you are interested in.

THIS IS FREE.  It will not cost you anything, other than time, and I am not asking those needing to find a job for money either. My heart goes out to them and I want to help

Please, please if you have any openings, contact me. In addition, if you would forward this on to any team owner, team manager, in any series, and have them respond to me. I would sincerely appreciate it, as will those trying to find work.

In a week or so, I will follow up with some numbers as to how many resumes I have collected, for what types of positions such as mechanics and truck drivers.


Buddy Lindblom