About Us

Since 1995, we have been supplying the motorsports and performance equipment industries (as well as many commercial and industrial clients) with high quality metals.

We ship all over the world. If you need it, we can get it.

Our goals are quite simple:

  • To provide outstanding service that meets or exceeds our customer expectations.
  • To maintain an inventory of products and materials to service the fabrication of race cars, tools, equipment and other high performance parts.

Our Staff:

  • A.E.D. maintains a staff of the most knowledgeable people in the industry regarding the use and applications of metals and the availability of the materials demanded.
  • While we will not help you "engineer" your application, we will guide you to help you make the best decision for your material selection.

From our sales manager:

"Thank you for checking out A. E. D. Motorsport Products for your metal and fabrication requirements. Since 1995, we have been building our business with the support of our customers and our suppliers, all trusted partners.

Without the continued loyalty and open willingness of our customers to share A. E. D.’s name to friends, family, co-workers, and business associates, we would not have been able to grow as we have.  It is an honor and a privilege to serve in this industry, and for that we are more appreciative than we can truly express in a few words.

We continue to be strong in our core products, including 4130 Chrome Moly, mild steel, aluminum, stainless, FK Rod Ends, and much more.

Our saw-cutting and shearing services are also very popular, and we are happy to supply the material for these jobs, but our customers are welcome to do so as well. 

International shipping is also very common for AED.  We can arrange for your material to get to you by air or sea.  We ship to more than 30 countries on a regular basis. Please do not be concerned that there are thousands of miles between your door and ours!

Perhaps you noticed some of our new products as you review our website.  We have recently added a wide selection of polishes, cleaners, sealants and lubricants from VALCO CINCINNATI.
We are very excited about our newest addition of tube and sheet products from SSAB, a Swedish producer of specialty materials.  Docol tube is setting a new standard in high strength steel for chassis manufacture.  So far, the response has been very positive, and as of now, we have more than 37 sizes in stock.  Additionally, we now have 7 sizes of Docol sheet and Domex plate in stock, also produced by SSAB.

Safety is also becoming increasingly more important in the racing industry. We are continuing to work with laboratories and other organizations to test our key racing materials, as well as setting up crash tests to learn and share results that can improve safety among all racing series.

Please let us know how A. E. D. can be of service.  We are just as comfortable working with the purchasing agent for a professional race team as we are with the weekend racer.  We have a dedicated staff of professionals that are focused on helping you with whatever you need.  If we are not meeting your expectations in any way, I hope you will please let me know. We will do everything in our power to make your experience with A. E. D. a positive and satisfying one.

Thank you again for your interest A. E. D.  We look forward to working with you."

David Gordon
Sales Manager
A. E. D. Motorsport Products
“The World’s Fastest Metals Distributor"